Are you interested in social justice and human rights? Would you like to make a big difference and boost the quality of living for individuals, households, organizations, and communities?Do you believe in the strength of individuals as well as the ability to change?
If you do, Social Work may be the major to suit your needs. Social workers assist individuals and communities enduring a number life’s most challenging problems – poverty, discrimination, homelessness, joblessness, psychological and physical disease, neglect, and addiction.

A social work degree is a specialized academic and professional space that is concerned with the pursuit of social justice, welfare and social change. Our website is one stop destination that will help prospective students as well as current social workers to gather information about various social work programs offered at different levels.

Social Work Degree Guides aims to provide users with information on Social Work Degrees, and the industry as a whole. We analyze the top social work programs including and Resources such as:

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What is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?

March 21, 2011

Below you will find the description of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or LCSW. Individuals who are licensed clinical social workers, or LCSWs, are experienced specialists who meet selected requirements and operate within a number of areas. The word social worker is not always synonymous with certified clinical social worker. In some social work agencies, [...]

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Careers You Can Acquire with a Degree in Social Work

February 14, 2011

As an individual who has acquired a degree in social work, you can find numerous job opportunities in your community. Social workers assist those with immediate requirements together with researching methods to enhance lives in the foreseeable future. Social work opens doors in numerous specialties. The following post looks at the significant types. Overview Social [...]

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What Types of Jobs Can I Get With A Masters in Social Work?

January 15, 2011

A Master of Social Work gets graduates ready for authoritative functions within expert social work practice. Possessing any MSW enables graduates to be effective in clinical practice, and public policy. To be able to earn a Master of Social Work degree, a scholar must first possess Bachelor of Social Work degree. An individual possessing a [...]

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The Top 5 Online Social Work Programs

January 5, 2011

There are many online social work options, but completing a program that is accredited and that offers strong field placement is essential. Inside you will find the top Online Master of Social Work programs, and the factors that make them that way.

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